Checking out Cape Town

I recently had the opportunity to visit Cape Town to check it out for the potential to live and work there. This was my first visit to South Africa and I honestly had no idea what to expect or what I would find. I had not done a lot of pre-trip research, as I wanted to experience it first hand and form an unbiased opinion.

As usual, the decision to potentially move there was met with similar comments about moving to Pakistan such as, ‘it’s dangerous’, ‘why there?’, ‘don’t you like Australia?’ etc, again, mostly from people whom have never been there, nor left Australia, so these opinions, whilst listened to, were treated as per the pre Pakistan experience…..highly valued!!

The first view from the airport road into town was simply a WOW for me, with Table Mountain in front of me,

IMG_7786Table Mountain was simply stunning and visible from around the entire town, first impressions…awesome…

A quick check into the V.A Waterfront, and a wander around before checking out the town (and finding a shisha cafe!) and my first evening was all done, so far impressed!

Day 2 saw us head to Stellenbosch, the wine region where we visited several wineries, including Ernie Els, and again I was simply blown away by the spectacular sceneryand the mountains are simply stunning….not too stunning or exciting to think about riding my bike around them, but maybe I will have to get into Mountain Biking vs. Road Riding….lots and lots of hills…

Apart from checking out the usual things like potential housing, retail and supermarket info and restaurants to get a feel for cost of living (which is good, not as cheap as Pakistan, but definitely cheaper than Aus), we hit Table Mountain via the cable car ride up 800m nearly vertical….in a car that holds close to 60 people…my only thoughts when inside where ‘I hope this wasn’t made in Pakistan”!

The view from above was amazing, the whole city could be seen and the size of the city is somewhat smaller than it actually is to look at, and all nicely compacted around the mountain with views of the beast from almost anywhere in the city.

Plenty of time was spent around the Waterfront area and I can see this as a potential area to find a place to live…I did find some interesting food option to try, and when I sent this home to Josh my son, he immediately replied “I’ll try the Warthog!”.


So I guess he may like African food more than Pakistani, but time will tell…so it looks like South Africa, here I come!

P.S. Please let South African Airways be better than P.I.A!



3 thoughts on “Checking out Cape Town

  1. Good luck and Enjoy the next journey
    You certainly are a gun for hire! BTW I nearly did a stint there plans changed at the last minute!


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