Roaring at the Lion – the climb up Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head stands as the 3rd highest of the 4 ‘hills’ around Cape Town, and one that hadn’t been conquered…thus far Signal Hill had been climbed and descended, and the beast Table Mountain descended, leaving this as one of the untouched by me so far, but with the fam visiting, my daughter wanted to ‘go for a hike’ and Lion’s Head it was!

The walk starts with a nice leisurely Uber ride to the start point, then a pebbled path that in itself nearly killed me and had me puffing and contemplating why was I doing this, as it continued to go up and up (as most hills do I guess). A brief rescue of some old guy running down who went past us and said “don’t fall”, then fell over flat on his back, but was OK (which allowed a bit of a breather), and the climb continued.

As we got to the base of the actual rock part of the climb, it was tough, but then built-in steps into the rock started, and to my surprise this was much easier, but the view even from half way up was awesome, looking over Cape Town areas of Sea Point, Green Point and Clifton Beach etc below us.

The stepped areas were much easier to go up and I was surprised by the number of people going up and down on the Friday morning walk. All as going well until we approached the first of two ‘ladders’ which went up a steep part where a bottleneck occurred to get up with no rules but crowds at the top and bottom waiting, barging, and generally get annoyed with each other to wait their turn.

As we continued to climb the view was becoming more and more spectacular and the path at times quite narrow and un secured, which would never be allowed to be climbed in Australia due to either safety reasons or other reasons of not climbing on something of significance.

The final part of the climb was all free climbing up rocky cliffs to the top, with one more ladder along the way but we avoided the line of about 60 people and went around the longer way, but still got stuck behind people single file climbing, some much older than me, and seemingly less abled but still having a go….dress sense not always the most appropriate with skirts, thongs, barefoot and small kids along the way.

The view from the top was awesome and another of the 4 hills achieved, at 669m  climbed. The walk down was much more challenging, negotiating some of the rocks and the obnoxious crowds, but definitely an awesome climb topped off with some Dassie selfies on the top. Devil’s Peak remains the only non climbed mountain in the Cape Town hills to tick off now!


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