Ons Gaan Nou Braai – the Pizza Hut way

We are ‘gunna’ Braai now, that’s what our shirts said, and that’s exactly what we were ‘gunna’ do, on an early Monday morning to celebrate Sth Africa’s Heritage Day at a Braai competition in Langebaan, about 130km north of Cape Town.

The day started with an early morning (6.30am) start where our Area Coach team of Kyle and Sharif with Bob Junior (BJ) met up with me, and we drove north to the seaside town of Langebaan to meet Rian, our local RGM who had the trailer and all our braaing needs ready for collection to go to the venue at the Mykonos Resort in the township. Our t-shirts where slipped on, and after an early morning coffee, we were ready to roll and set up our station for the day of great challenge – to cook a 3 course menu with Pizza Hut items all on a wood fired braai (bbq for the Aussies).

The setting was stunning, as we unpacked the ‘bakki’ – (Ute for the Aussies) and began our set up, as the lat B.J sat by and watched, something that was all too common for him throughout the day!






After all the hard work of setting up, the only disappointing bit of organisation by Kyle, was the lack of beer – it was a BBQ FFS, what was he thinking, and it was 9am on a Public Holiday….to me that = beer!







Finally the beer situation was sorted, which made a much happier Tony, and as BJ sat by trying to hide in the logs, we started to prep our menu.

Our menu was a challenging one, and for those whom can’t read Kyles handwriting, it was:

Starters: Salad, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Wings and Focaccia

Main: 1 Stuffed Crust Seafood and BBQ Meat Pizza and Pasta

Dessert: Chocolate Pizza, Calzone with Strawberry and Smoores with Ice Cream


Sounds simple, but all was to be made from scratch and cooked in the open fire…

With ‘dumb and dumber’ preparing the fire, it was clearly time to sit back and wait for it to do its thing, whilst another beer was enjoyed! Even BJ got into the beer this time!

It was time to start preparing our meal, proofing our dough and this was a perfect time to ‘test’ some product and grab a sneaky bite to eat with some boerewors and a few wings etc, which we shared with our fellow competitors and the judges (in an attempt to bribe them – it is Sth Africa after all!)

Everything was cooking beautifully, and to our surprise even tasted great, but that could have been the 6 beers we had already had, and there was still a good 2-3 hours before final judging, so more beer was ordered…

Our product came out pretty good as we prepped for the final judging and presentation of the menu. Kyle put on his chef hat and added final garnishing, making it look like he kind of knew what he was doing, but none of us were fooled…

As we finished the final ‘plating’ of our meal and casually waited our turn with nervous anticipation, it was time to celebrate all the hard work (of Kyle and Rian – Sharif, BJ and I did Jack Shit), and that meant a Tequila…even BJ started hitting the hard stuff, and then ran around out of control chasing women and abusing the judges, something that would come back to haunt us in the final results later that day….the little shit.


The Judging

The came, they ate and judged, then its a matter of wait for the announcements, and to finish all the beer we had ordered….as I mentioned early, BJ’s antics cost us the title, which went to the same winner from the last 2 years, a local group who cooked nothing as fancy as us, but being the professionals we are we took the result in our stride, ans proceeded to set fire to the entire set up and burnt all our gear and our neighbours, so we were victors in the end…

There was nothing left to do, but to set fire to Bob Junior for his disgraceful behaviour, before jumping in the Bakki and driving back to Cape Town…

Overall an awesome day out, despite the non title, not that we were bitter or anything, but I do blame BJ and Kyle for his poor menu choices!!! (Just sayin!)

As a side note, we did make the local paper a week or so later…not sure if it was because of our awesome food, or because the town is now looking for us for setting fire to everything and everyone after being sore losers!

Happy Heritage Day South Africa….

On a serious note, thanks to Kyle, Rian and Sharif for their awesome planning and execution…I refuse to thank BJ, and he will never attend again (I also doubt I will be invited back as well if I think about it!)



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