What to do in Cape Town when you don’t want to do anything!

Over the last week I had an amazing time which all started with my brother and a long time school friend walked in on me at Shisha Hut, in Cape Town for a surprise visit to help me celebrate my 50th.birthday. A few days later and closer to the weekend and the big day, another school friend turned up. Once the emotions had calmed down, and the beers started flowing,  I asked them what they would like to do, see, experience etc. during the week that 2 of them where here, and the 3 days the 3rd one was here, as clearly with a limited time I assumed they would want to explore the ‘Mother City’.

I reeled off as much, or as little as I could on the limited ideas as I had, but the key point was that they should make a plan and book some of these, as it may not be possible to just do it. These included a Safari Park visit for the day, visit Cape Point, head to the False Bay area, see the Winery areas, climb Table Mountain, Robin Island, see sunset at Camps Bay etc etc. All awesome ideas in my mind, but to most of my responses offered was “Yea whatever – don’t care”, followed by “Where will we drink beer now?”

The additional offers to them, to help the visit all become easier for them was

  • Do you need a local SIM Card? (“Nah it’ll be alright, we’ll just use wifi”),
  • Download Uber so you can get around (“Why, we can walk”), and
  • Look at Zapper/ Snapscan for easier payments (“Don’t want to download that – we will just use your money, or our Aussie cards”)…I did buy them a SIM each, but the rest was refused, to the extent that it become a principle based thing to NOT have them.

So the tried and tested and approved 1 week Cape Town agenda and the 4 day one for those coming to attend a surprise 50th birthday Pub-crawl goes something like this.

Day 1 Sunday – arrival. Get offered / suggested all the sites to see– respond with “Don’t care” then drink beer all night.

200 steps up Table Mountain – good enough!

Day 2 Monday – local café breakfast then left alone (someone has to still work), send messages and pictures to me at 11.30 showing them beer drinking, wait to be picked up and taken for a brief scenic drive around – Camps Bay/Hout Bat/ Chapman’s Peak – few photo stops, back around through Tokai and towards CPT, Drive Up Signal Hill Road – take photos, Lions Head Road- more photos, Drive up past Cable car for Table Mountain – crap weather and cable car closed- drive to Platekloof Gorge – walk up steps about 200, – take photo, drive back to town, drop off car and go and drink beer.

Day 3 Tuesday– Hang at Waterfront – book a Robin Island Tour, walk around down town area and end up near the fort/ Town Hall etc and get harassed from the local street people. Get picked up – go and drink beer.

Day 4 Wednesday– Chill out then do wine farm tour – come back, meet Tony , drink beer.

Day 5 Thursday– Robin Island Tour cancelled. Climb up Table Mountain – get wet and cold and Drink beer.

Day 6 – Friday – No. 3 arrives – One goes mountain bike riding/ others lunch at Waterfront, Drive up Signal Hill, Table Mountain etc. – Walk up/ Down Lions Head, go home, shower and drink beer.

Day 7 Saturday – Oranjezicht Farmers Market breakfast, home for shower then out for beer and the actual party for the 50th  .

Day 8 Sunday – All ill, crawl slowly to Market, come home then sleep on couch, cook a traditional Braai at home, drove through Bo Kaap, then out for beer – reluctantly

Day 9 Monday – Gus leaves for Oz, other out by self around Waterfront/ Long Street drinking beer from around 1pm.

Day 10 Tuesday – all leave for Oz

So for those wanting to come to Cape Town for a non tourist visit, Wilko, Jon and Gus can give you all the must do’s…

In all fairness they did cover off:

  • climbing Table Mountain – on a day of fog and rain where they couldn’t see in front of themselves
  • a mountain bike ride
  • Climbed up and down Lion’s Head
  • Visited Stellenbosch Wineries and Brewery
  • Saw the Waterfront – lots
  • Drove through Bo Kaap
  • Harassed by several homeless people, offered drugs on the street, and chased away by a drug dealer!
  • Beer – lots and lots of beer….

Thanks so much for coming guys…..#BestTripEver #CapeTown


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