Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls are one of the worlds biggest waterfalls, with length of 1700m and a height up to 100m, they form part of the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Spectacular from both sides of the river the mist spray can be seen from the air upon arrival and at times up to 50km away, and the sound from almost 40km away, hence the local name of ‘the smoke that thunders’ – Moso-o-Tunya. When Dr Livingstone the Scottish Missionary found them in 1855 he approached from the Zambian side near what is now known as Livingstone Island. This is the home of the Devil’s Pool area where you can swim out and hang over the edge of the falls! (Read more here).

The water flow varies throughout the year, making it possible to walk across parts of in the low season, of which Devil’s Pool becomes accessible, at other times of the year it is too dangerous.

There is an array of tourism established in both Zambia and Zimbabwe around the falls with walks, boat cruises, helicopter flights, white water rafting, zip-lines, bungee jumps, jet-boats, you name it, it’s here, all supporting the local economy which is well set up to maximise the tourism dollar, all in US dollars, and often on the high side compared to Zimbabwe in general.

The best way to appreciate the falls is simply from the massive vantage points and photos opportunities to enjoy them, including multiple spots where rainbows can be seen in the mist.

Overall an awesome spot!

And some shots from the helicopter flight over the falls!

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